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This fact is rarely disputed. Photographs below show the 92nd BB (photograph on the right) after the march. I loved rummaging through all the stalls when I was there, and also bumping into people I knew. Mr Hill was our Captain and after the drill session was finished we would then go into another room that was used as a canteen. It is shown on mid-20th century OS maps, but the masts had probably been removed by the 1970s. I think the USA industry system is best pay employees enough and let them buy what they need and can afford. These are just a few of my memories but too many to mention but would love to hear from anyone who lived in Stoke Street until it was demolished in 1970. Interesting and relevant photos are in also in short supply. Frank Ferri Newhaven, Edinburgh The Plantation. One year my Dad decided to have a bigger fire than normal and the heat was that intense than the brickwork started to glow red, great fun for a 9 year old. After a few seconds it would lean back and wait for a couple of minutes before the whole process started again. My Mom and Dad were Daisy and Mick Bromley, and I am Sheila. Tuesday - Club night Wednesday - Physical training Thursday - Band practice Friday, Drill night Saturday - Football Sunday - Bible Class or Church Parade I took part in may of the activities, club night, physical training, band practice, football, morning parades. Helen Litalien (née Kelly San Antonio, Texas, USA Message added to EdinPhoto guest book:  January 27, 2009 If you'd like to contact Helen, you'll find her email address in one of the entries that she posted in the EdinPhoto guest book today, January 27, 2009.

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We took part in three activities: Marconis Wireless Telegraphy Workshop hosted by Geoff Bowles from the Sandford Museum, in the Library atrium; Imagining Marconis and Hoffmans industrial past The Frederick Roberts Archive hosted by Anglia Ruskin University; Marconi Then and Now, a meet-and-greet session hosted. I also remember going down Nelson Street with a basin to fetch tripe and onions and also remember the fruit and veg shop down there. The photographs on the website brought back many memories of my childhood, thank you. It burned down in the 60s and a garage was built there later. In those days, the only people allowed into the reservoir were a sailing club. Don't know if that's still the case. There was a stream run through. Tommy Bennett, who thought he owned the Roxy, was stood by the pay box. Sheila Doak British Columbia, Canada Remember Robert Tait?

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haven't a clue why they were called. He would chase the cats up the yard and follow them up and over the fence ( 6 foot high)  into the garden of the house with the bay window which was in Marroway Street. Them you got off Jimmy Conner, the tat cart man?" Her mother battered her all round the head. It was taken. She was Jean Dalgleish of 4 Heriot Mount. My hat's off to them." John Edwards, Sun City, Florida, USA:  March 7, 2008 Recollections.   Tam Croal, who has me sent several photos taken by his dad, Wullie. . When I was a kid living up there, the shoe mender had his shop. Lyndsay Montgomery, old Town, Edinburgh, billy Anderson. There was a dry cleaners round the corner in the square itself.

I have just picked up your web site and ich liebe dicke titten pornosternchen it has brought back so many memories. . This photo has been wichsen outdoor größter penis der welt reproduced with acknowledgement to Willie Croal who took this photo and to Eric Gold who supplied the erotik shop nrw crossdresser tg image. With kind regards Vera Goldsworthy (Mrs) Memories of Vera Goldsworthy My name is Vic Rigby, I lived at 2/65 Morville Street, with the chip Shop opposite. Looking at the photos on your site remind me of how little we had, its a wonder any of us survived. We didnt have a minimum wage in those days so I suppose it was a state incentive to encourage firms to provide apprenticeships. My mother would ask how much I had and when I said a pound she would say,!A pound? Market trader, Harry Star I remember him, he was called Star. I must have only been 6 or 7 at the time and I went up there and sat on the Cross watching this funeral. He used to flash a black belt at us and threaten mayhem if we stepped out of line. When I think of where ikea is built, in my mind it's still the old goods yard both sides of Oldham Road. We are seeking input paarclub kostenlos sex geschichten from as many sources as possible and would welcome any information from the members of the MVA. I think I used to leave about 3 in the morning and come back at 9 at night so my pals couldn't see." Today "I'm now, newly retired from teaching and living quietly and happily, with my wife, in West Lothian. My Dad didnt move very far from his childhood home to his marriage home as he was brought up at 1 back of 70 Garbet Street. . I cant remember what I had for lunch yesterday! Ken Hughes Memories of Ken Hughes These photographs are of the 92nd Boys Brigade from the Spring Hill Baptist Church marching around the streets of Ladywood. They all attended James Clark's school. Staff salaries managed to increase just ahead of the overtime payment limit! Kids -Freddy, Georgie, Sandra, Ken, Carol Jean. I would pass mainly small silver-plating companies and sand blasting companies on the way and often spoke to the workers leaning on the wall outside having a fag and a cup of tea. They were real single börsen vergleich villach crafty, the inspectors would get on the bus at any given bus stop, walk along saying "tickets please." People would be diving on the floor looking for their ticket they had throw away. Joe Wakeling and my Dad acting the goat outside number. I bet there was a lot of new ones already as far as when I lived there 36 years ago. Margaret Miller ( née Hanson) Yarrow Valley, Selkirkshire Thank you to Margaret Miller (née Hanson) for leaving a message in the EdinPhoto guestbook.

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The little girl in glasses is Lynne Walsh or maybe Welsh, daughter of Renee (see Memories of Keith Norgrove, below) We left in 1953 and went to live in Warstock where my parents ran a greengrocery store. At one time a guy called Sammy Collins had a betting shop on there but later Bill Coffee's betting shop opened there facing him. Then, for reasons unknown, it just started going downhill. Then off to the man in question to root through handbags. It was written in 1998, but would anyone in work today, looking at Erics comments on how it he viewed things in 98, perhaps raise a wry smile? Children I remember are Barbara Swan, Moira MacFarlane, Michael Nee (yes, a very similar name to mine Philip Bramhall, a super West Indian lad called Paul, Carol Porter/Parker ? A price is agreed and off you go across the desert on a largely straight road at 130 km/hour regularly passing the burnt out wrecks of less fortunate high speed taxi trips. Used to go up to the Reservior.

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Private sextreffen karlsruhe nürnberg When I lived there and Woolworths and Littlewoods were on Stamford St, I loved going in Woolworths.  The Glasgow Edinburgh rivalry. John Tarrant In addition to the names already mentioned, I would also like to add the name of Johnny Cooper, who in 1956/57 was in charge of the capstan lathes. Eric Gold East London, England Marion Deighan - Ashes Scattered.
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Studio palais please bang my wife You could tell then that he had talent." Radio "Being a DJ has been a big part of my life, and I can now be heard daily on The Superstation in Orkney. . They were exactly the same shape as the perfumed candles, the ones you get to float on top of the water while your bathing, but had a thin kind fessel methoden erotik kurz geschichten of waxed cardboard wrapper round them.
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